When a woman from Austria wanted to make a reservation for a funeral feast in a restaurant, she could hardly believe her ears: the landlord demanded a minimum spend of 500 euros. The woman vented her anger about this.

An incident at an inn in Linz, Austria, caused a stir – an innkeeper demanded a minimum spend of 500 euros to reserve a table for a funeral feast. According to “Today.at”, the woman who wanted to reserve the table found the situation “disrespectful, disrespectful and completely inappropriate”.

According to “Heute.at,” the woman expressed her displeasure on a gastro platform on Facebook: “I thought I had trouble hearing,” “Today.at” quoted her as saying. She criticized the business by pointing out that many restaurateurs complain about poor business and that such actions are not surprising.

A gastro expert defended the inn on Facebook. She explained that to host such events, at least three employees are needed – one each for the kitchen, service and cleaning. These workers would work around 12 hours, and with an hourly rate of 30 euros, this would result in personnel costs of around 360 euros. In addition, the costs for the use of goods would have to be taken into account.

In addition, the expert made it clear that the restaurant had not been running regular operations for some time, but had specialized in catering. Therefore, there would no longer be any full-time employees, only those who would be available on call for catering. Customers could rent the restaurant for a fixed minimum turnover of 500 euros to cover personnel costs and operating costs.

“From experience, I can confirm that most rental premises require a minimum turnover in the four-digit range,” “ Heute.at ” quotes the gastronomy expert as saying.

But it’s not just the minimum turnover in restaurants that causes dissatisfaction among guests. Especially in large cities such as Munich, more and more restaurants are charging a so-called “no-show” fee if you don’t honor your reservation. If they don’t show up, guests face a mega fine of up to 285 euros.

Meanwhile, an innkeeper from Italy is making his guests happy. Because if you don’t use your smartphone in your restaurant, you’ll get a bottle of wine for free.

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