(Annecy) A princess, wishes to grant and songs destined to take over from Liberated, delivered: Disney unveiled Friday in Annecy twenty minutes of Wish, Asha and the lucky star, expected in theaters in November for the 100th anniversary of the Mickey studio.

Designed in CGI combined with a “watercolor effect”, Wish is set in the fictional medieval kingdom of Rosas.

In the scenes presented to the public of the international animation festival, we discover Asha, a 17-year-old mixed race woman, asked to become the apprentice of King Magnifico, capable of granting the wishes of his subjects.

Disappointed by the sovereign-magician, misunderstood by her grandfather (100 years old) and her mother, she leaves her house and begins to sing… Before making a wish by which an “energy ball” appears in the shape of a star named Star. On contact with it, plants and animals begin to speak… and sing.

“Wish will be released in theaters” and “won’t be coming to Disney anytime soon because these movies are made for theaters, especially this one, in cinemascope,” its creator, Jennifer Lee, told AFP. also creative director of Disney Animation Studios.

Its launch is scheduled for November 29 in France, thus avoiding the fate reserved for Avalonia, released directly on Disney last year due to the dissatisfaction of the American firm with the media chronology.

The opposite would have surprised, Wish being born from the desire of Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, tandem already at the helm of The Snow Queen, to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Disney in 2023.

“We wondered how to pay homage to 100 years of stories while refreshing and renewing them”, explained the one who wanted to write an “original fairy tale”, not adapted from a book.

The “Star” character kind of represents everything Disney has been. It is hope, wonder, joy. It doesn’t make your dreams come true for you, but it’s there to remind you that you can persevere,” she added.

The tribute also goes through the graphics (3D mixed with 2D) of the film. It will also be preceded in theaters by a moving short film mixing 2D and 3D, Once upon a studio, welcomed by a standing ovation in Annecy and featuring some 500 Disney heroes.