The 4 Origins microbrewery launched its activities five years ago in Griffintown, sensing the effervescence of the neighborhood. Last year, the four co-owners decided to open Origine Brass in Dorval, this time without measuring the impact that this new gourmet proposal would have in their West Island hometown.

“On Fridays, we absolutely have to take reservations, because it’s always full,” says Keegan Kelertas, vice-president of operations. We are really surprised, we never thought we would have so many people. »

Of course, people have rediscovered the desire to go out with the end of the pandemic — kegs account for 35% of 4 Origins beer sales, it was only 5% when COVID-19 was raging — but that’s the quality of the menu that ensures the success of Origine Brass. “There are a lot of chains in the West, so we wanted to distinguish ourselves with a slightly more refined offer,” says President Micheal D’Ornellas. Obviously, there are people who initially see us as a brewery, but many come back because of the better quality food. »

We gave carte blanche to chef Natasha Chugh, who also strictly forbade us to take pictures of burgers! “The beef burger and fried chicken burger are still our best-selling dishes, but Natasha also has a special menu that changes weekly,” Keegan explains. We place it prominently on the tables, and as soon as we did that, sales of our specials exploded. »

Tartares, jerk shrimp, cauliflower tostada, octopus and beetroot salad, house cocktails and natural wines, we are indeed a far cry from tavern food. Origine Brass also offers one of the only sourdough pizzas in the West Island.

We therefore work in the kitchen as we do in the brewery, which celebrates its fifth anniversary on April 22, in particular with nine new beers, including three collaborations, one with Sir John, from Lachute, a second with the General Brewery, from Quebec, and a third with Third Moon, from Milton, south of Torontoz — the malts used for this brew are half Quebec, half Ontario. Check it out on your next trip to the West Island!