Experts sechenovskiy University revealed the results of testing the vaccine against the coronavirus in the volunteers, saying they did not experience any adverse symptoms. This was reported TASS the head of the Center for clinical studies of medicines sechenovskiy University, principal investigator Elena Smolyarchuk.

According to her, there is a small number of expected side effects associated directly with the vaccine.

“This so-called General and local post-vaccinal reaction”, — said the expert, noting that she wears is mild and stopped spontaneously without any additional intervention.

In Sechenovskiy University the first phase of clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus began June 18. The second group of volunteers from 20 people had been vaccinated on June 23. According to Smolyarchuk, the vaccine consists of two subunits. In the first group, half of the volunteers received a single subunit, and the other half the second. The remaining second group of 20 people received the vaccine completely.

“So controlled the rate of development of immunity in different volunteers, in the tension of immunity,” she said.

Specialist noticed that side effects when they occur usually appear immediately after drug administration or in the next few hours or days.

Earlier, the Director of the center “Vector” Rinat Maksyutov said that three prototypes of Russian vaccine against the coronavirus was successfully tested on the ability to generate an immune response and shown to be effective.

In Russia over the past day it has been revealed 6719 patients. The total number of infected in Russia exceeded 640 thousand. Of these, more than 403 thousand recovered more than 9,1 thousand died. The who announced the withdrawal of Russia on a plateau on the coronavirus.