a Results of the flight crew of spaceship earth, scientists use so far, but what price they had to pay for this research?

In November 1967, three volunteers started the experiment in isolation: they had to spend a year in an iron barrel, no communication with the outside world – it takes you for a flight to Mars. Not looking up from the Ground, they will go to the red planet – this world has never been done.

For the human body – it is an ordeal, not only physically but also mentally. The test crew members are all together – mental health on Board should not give failures.

The crew chief has appointed Herman Manovtseva, who at that time was 31 years. He is a physician, and it medical and biological experiments on Board, but the main task is to monitor the health of their colleagues by the unique flight. Responsible for the operation of scientific instruments has appointed 24-year-old Boris Ulybyshev – young, sociable and open athlete was an excellent specialist in electronic medical equipment. A graduate of the faculty of biology of Moscow state University Andrey Bozhko became the third participant of the experiment throughout its duration keeps a diary of events.

For a unique experiment participants were selected more carefully than in the space squad – testers will have a year to live and work in conditions similar to space.

The space module “spaceship” by the volume of resembled an ordinary room into the kitchen – 12 square meters, half of which was occupied by special equipment, and everything else, including household compartment, the test was divided into three.

“I remembered the story of a doctor who participated in the polar expedition in Antarctica – the water they have plenty, the food prepared by the chef, they were exchanging “visits” with the penguins. Really wanted to exchange our comfort, for the hardships they had endured during their stay on the ice continent”, recalled later Bozhko.

Operator command point of the experiment was Violetta Gorodinsky. Three marsonautes was not initially seen, but only heard her on the sessions. As the attendant, Gorodinsky led surveillance thermocameras, and regularly determines the psychological state of the crew. Her voice then turns to Bozhko “love at first word”, and he even tries to talk to her, but other marsonautes intervened and said that it is not by the conditions of the experiment – due to the monotony of everyday life in the closed space they were irritated at any little thing.

It is not surprising that in such difficult conditions after two months on Board had a riot – Ulybyshev and Bozhko began to boycott the commander Manovtseva; formally, he remained the leader, but actually they are simply ignored.

On the 121st day of the experiment �� Boris Ulybyshev hallucinations – he hears other sounds, plagued by visions, like thermocamera walks a stranger and rattles chains. After three days, he, along with Bozhko decides to catch a Ghost: Andrew asked a friend to Wake him up, when he again hears strange sounds that Boris did. They turned on the light and saw a troublemaker – it was the Macs. It turned out that he had a watch on a chain, and emitting a sound when he looked at them.

In addition, it was found that the commander secretly every night, took painkillers, trying to hide the purulent cyst behind ear and high temperature. He declared about it – the experiment would come to an end. As a doctor Herman knew that he needed surgery, but the relationship was so tense that he decides to operate himself.

Gradually, the participants in the experiment less communicating, more doing directly accountable to the activity. However, there were also situations in which we abstract from each other was impossible: the third stage of the experiment, the user tightens the conditions and introduces a 10-day emergency, inside marcoleta the alarm goes off, the temperature rises to 35 degrees, decreases the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide becomes in 10 times above normal. Testers do not give hot food and half cut daily supply of water. Had to figure out how to change the state of the body at an elevated temperature and “accident” affect the integrity and relationships of the crew. Contrary to the expectations of heads, the crew decided: “Let’s live!”.

“We agreed when tensions openly and calmly discuss the subject of the argument and delve into its essence, you observe one rule – everyone has to talk about their own mistakes, the criticism of another was forbidden,” – recalled later Bozhko.

A top-secret experiment was going on, no matter what. One of these days hands when the crew reported that he had a daughter – the news took it so seriously and so joyfully, like daughter each was born; but soon came the sad news – March 27, 1968, on the 144th day of the flight, during a training flight crashed Yuri Gagarin.

Especially hard was held the last week of the experiment, when the finish line seemingly so close. After he ended the test immediately sent on a two-week quarantine.

The results of the flight crew of spaceship earth, scientists use so far, as well as the results of the first Antarctic experiments for the space program. The study of the human body in an enclosed space became the basis of a set of recommendations for the orbital missions. As for psychonology: in these first experiments there is no Statute of limitations; when future crews will begin training to fly to other planets, useful to them the true history of the earth the pioneers of marsonautes. Going long in the field without departing from the Earth, they have taken the first step on the way to other planets.