The green energy expansion in Germany is currently close to zero – however, the interest in green electricity is growing: The share of consumers who decided at the provider’s exchange for a green electricity tariff is increased in comparison to the previous year by 10 percentage points to 65 percent. The current Figures for the comparison portal Verivox, the FOCUS is available Online exclusively show.

The interest in green power had reached its peak a year after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan: in 2012, three out of four customers (76 per cent) completed the according to experts, a green electricity tariff. Since then, the demand had fallen continuously and reached further in the year 2018 with an average of 32 percent, its lowest point, the investigation.

interest in green electricity attracts – although the prices

Since the beginning of the year 2019 increase in the Trend index is now significantly upwards. And, although the electricity prices increased recently and a new record high reached In March 2020, a model household (4000 kWh) pays Verivox, according to an average of 30,14 cents per kilowatt-hour. FOCUS Online electricity comparison

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To the electricity provider comparison

“The topic of green energy has won both consumers and the energy suppliers to relevance,” declared Valerian bird, energy expert at Verivox, the remarkable reversal of the trend. Meanwhile, the demand for green electricity have reached “dimensions, such as after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima”. “Also electricity providers are aware of the social relevance of the topic and promote further reinforced with the label of green electricity to new customers,” says bird.

In the case of green electricity on the seal of the eighth

green power is, however, not the same green energy: Although he is always 100 per cent from renewable sources. This is also old, written-off hydropower plants, include, for example, but the experts emphasize. Who wants to work actively for climate protection should, therefore, examine the switch to a green electricity supplier, whether the corresponding goodness has sealed.

The seal of guarantee that a portion of the revenue flows back into the construction of new facilities for renewable power generation. The most stringent criteria of the ok-power seal of quality and the Green power Label in place. Verivox recommends, in this respect, but also the seal from TÜV Nord and TÜV Süd.

for the most part The cheaper of the green energy, the less climate protection

Has a green power offer no testing or seal of approval, means not automatically that it is “inferior” green electricity, the experts emphasize. You recommend consumers directly with the provider and to the type and origin of the electricity explain.

in Principle, but the seal and the higher the additional contribution to the energy turnaround, the following applies: The tighter, the lower the Savings after a change of providers is most of the time. Power to tax? Save money now with a FOCUS on Online (screen), Now electricity prices

to compare Themselves with strict sealing, you can vigorously

save The shows, a closer look at the demand for green electricity: Only slightly more than one percent of the Changer decides Verivox, according to a Tariff with the particularly strict sealing, the “Ok Power” or “Green electricity”. Green electricity tariffs, with a particularly strict seals are still a niche product.

It would have to be even, because even with a high-quality green electricity, you can reduce your annual costs. This is shown in the following example:

  • Who is the basic services , and never to a lower rate has been deposited with a consumption of 4000 kilowatt-hour in the nationwide average is currently 1329 Euro per year for electricity.
  • In the best-recommended green electricity tariffs, with the seal of TÜV be for the same amount of electricity as the national average 1004 euros.
  • The cheapest Tariff with the ok power or Green electricity Label, cost of 1079 Euro .

When switching to a good green electricity provider are up to 325 euros in annual Savings is possible. And who wants to do more for the climate, the saves still 250 Euro.

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