Gasoline and diesel prices do not just rise and fall on a daily basis. In eastern Germany in particular, drivers sometimes have to dig deep into their pockets.

In late summer and autumn 2022, the ADAC found regional price differences of around 17 cents in its comparison of fuel prices in the German federal states. That seems to be a thing of the past – price differentials have narrowed again to a much smaller level but still significant. As the current evaluation in the 16 federal states shows, drivers in the Saarland and in Rhineland-Palatinate fill up the fuel cheapest, in Schleswig-Holstein and in Brandenburg fuel is currently the most expensive.

According to the ADAC, a liter of Super E10 currently costs an average of 1.692 euros in Saarland. This means that the smallest area state is currently the cheapest for petrol, followed by Bavaria, which was by far the most expensive state for months in autumn 2022. Drivers in Schleswig-Holstein, on the other hand, have to dig deep into their pockets. Here the price for Super E10 is 1.784 euros. Brandenburg is just as expensive.

The cheapest diesel you can currently fill up in Rhineland-Palatinate. The average price for a liter is currently EUR 1.794, with Saarland following closely behind at EUR 1.796. Diesel is currently the most expensive in Brandenburg: Here drivers have to pay an average of 1.861 euros, Berlin is next to last with 1.850 euros.

According to ADAC, the current regional price fluctuations are within the usual range. Operations in the Schwedt refinery in Brandenburg are currently running at a capacity utilization of over 50 percent and the trend is rising. Possible effects on the fuel market in the region are currently not clearly foreseeable.