In Moscow on the eve died a famous Russian mathematician Sergei Adian. Scholar and teacher was 89 years old, says the website of the Lomonosov Moscow state University.

In the late 40’s and Adian entered Yerevan Russian pedagogical Institute. Bryusov. After the first year he was sent to continue his studies in Moscow, MGPI im. V. I. Lenin. In 1952 he graduated from this University, then taught in it.

Since 1965 he taught at the Department of mathematical logic faculty of mechanics and mathematics of Moscow state University. He headed the Department of mathematical logic of the Institute of mathematics im. V. A. Steklov. Since 1991 – a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, since 2000 – academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Adian made a significant contribution to the development of algebra. In 1955 he established algorithmic prepoznavanje almost all non-trivial properties of the group in its task by a finite number of defining relations. Three years later, the result was obtained independently by Michael Rabin, after which it became known as the theorem of Adyan – Rabin.

In 1968, with Peter Novikov gave a negative solution to the Burnside problem with a bounded exponent for all odd exponents greater 4381. In addition, Adian played a leading role in the formation, development and the very existence of the Department of mathematical logic and theory of algorithms faculty of mechanics and mathematics, Moscow state University, Department of mathematical logic Steklov mathematical Institute.

We will remind, in April in the United States from the coronavirus had died of mathematician John Conway. The scientist has made a significant contribution to mathematics, combinatorics and the theory of groups and laid the Foundation of combinatorial game theory.