What if, after the graveltornooien, in the grass growing season, the Fed Cup team and nothing was too much trouble for the rest of this tennisjaar was killed in action? Dick Norman, and organizing director of the European Open in Antwerp, and refuses to take into account that the worst case scenario. “A blessing in disguise: we have to organize until the end of the season.”

the Few athletes to collect more air miles than the players, which is an international company that is on all of the continents, uitzwermt. In addition to the many health reasons fear for many observers is that also due to global nature of the proftennis in the rest of the 2020, it has been threatened. The European Open is between the ages of 18 and 25 October, to be programmed. Dick Norman (49), managing director of the only financial proftornooi, the hope is that these seven months will be enough. “It’s much too early for me to worry about.“

as Yet fears to Craig Tiley, the head of the Australian federation, and that there was soon a line will be drawn in by the tennisjaargang by the year 2020. “For him, it doesn’t really matter,” said Norman. “Are the Australian Open is over. If a tournament is cancelled, it will have serious consequences, especially if there have been significant disbursements have been made. All of my co-workers will try their best to do would be to just organize them. However, we have no large expenses at the European Open. That is, it is still too early in the morning.”

the Arena

ever Since Indian Wells, himself, on, march 8, free, is, all, tennis is still. Wednesday, decided to grant the international federations in order to pass, at the earliest, on the 13th of July and have to say, as a renewal of the sporting moment you have a month. Norman: “The ATP talks at the moment with the tornooidirecties across the different scenarios. We will resume at a particular point in time with the original calendar? Larger organisations in the autumn to shift, such as Roland Garros, is now already has been done? Several of the tournaments at the same time? Indoortornooien such as ours, in terms of the time it’s not as flexible. The Sportpaleis in antwerp and the Lotto Arena, with a wide variety of concerts and events of all kinds.”

at The European Open, was soon in its fifth edition. With a final match between Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka had a meeting in the autumn of the previous year’s peak. “Even so, I hope that we will have a six weeks, yet again, the light will be seen at the end of the tunnel. Sports and extrasportief, we were clearly on the rise. A blessing in disguise is that we’re so late in the year.”

Kevin De Bruyne

the Players of prijzengelden. Without any of the tournaments will get a lot of middenmoters problems, which call for a better distribution of the prijzengelden intimate. How does he, as a former professor for this role? “The older people with savings will be able to overcome it, but for a young talent, which is investing in its coach is in for tough times. If a player wanted to, of course, I like to have a better distribution of the prize money. As the organizing director on the other hand, I know that you are not a, Lotto Arena, you can fill in, or sponsors, to be able to attract the number 270 in the world. Without sponsors you have no money. As a matter of supply and demand is what it is. Kevin De Bruyne is also a thousand times more than a resident resembled. Tennis has no problem at all with the better of sports. The 300th kogelstoter or a swimmer, or of the world, with a lot less.“
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