Soft drinks, sweets, sweet juices or fruit: all products contain a lot of fructose. Many people are unaware of the consequences of excessive fructose consumption. However, the number of obese or diabetic children and adolescents is increasing. Excessive consumption can also have other health consequences.

A recent review article warns of the health consequences that can be caused by excessive consumption of fructose in childhood and adolescence.

In overweight children, changes that seriously threaten health are often observed:

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Excessive intake of energy-rich foods is necessary for obesity to develop. There is also ample evidence that fructose, regardless of its energy intake, can promote the development of obesity and/or metabolic changes.

Fructose consumption is particularly high among children because they, and especially their parents, underestimate the dangers of high fructose intake. Although fructose is mistaken for a natural nutrient, excess intake can cause adverse cardiovascular and metabolic changes.

Fructose also causes the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines and reduces the production of adiponectin, which can counteract atherosclerosis. By affecting hunger and satiety control, particularly by inducing leptin resistance, fructose can lead to increased caloric intake.

Directly or via its metabolic products, fructose promotes the development of the following diseases:

Since the consumption of foods and beverages with added fructose has risen sharply in recent decades, the authors suspect a serious problem for the health of children and adolescents, even if specific studies have not yet been published.

Limiting the consumption of free sugars and fructose could be an important measure to counteract the development of cardiovascular risks in adolescents.

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Author: Giussani, M., Lieti, G., Orlando, A., Parati, G.,

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