“Iranian-European” strain of the coronavirus, which came to Russia, has some differences from those that spread to other parts of the world — he is “meaner”, as it spreads quickly, and probably forms a more asymptomatic carriers, said in an interview with “the” Professor, School of system biology, George Mason University (USA), Director of the Center for the study of chronic metabolic diseases in the College of science, GMU Ancha Baranova.

She noted that according to the international map of the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, there are about 30 different strains. The virus first appeared in China, then through Iran came to Europe, and then reached Russia.

The European strain is much more contagious than Asian, although, according to us research, the severity of disease in those infected with different variants of the virus are the same.

“The "evil" and "good" the viruses are equally likely to put people on a ventilator [respirator], — said Baranov. All that evil virus makes more efficient — spreads quickly in the population. And probably organize a larger number of asymptomatic carriers”.

However, the high transmissibility and large number of asymptomatic carriers may mean that this strain of the virus, the faster Russia will reach “herd immunity”, says the interviewee “”.

“So, from the point of view of the evolution of he — "good", even pretending to be "evil". Although, of course, a virus with lower virulence easier to trample down quarantine measures”, — concluded Baranov.

According on the may 17, in Russia revealed 281 752 cases of coronavirus. 67 373 people were able to overcome the disease, 2631 the patient died.