The past month has been anything but good for Mathias Norsgaard.

“It goes damn not very good,” reads the first comment from the 22-year-old Movistar rider, en B. T. catches him on the phone in his mother’s home in Brædstrup near Horsens.

The Danish stortalent is genoptræningen after a skrækulykke in december, where he broke his leg, when he head-on was run down during a bicycle tour in Spain.

Subsequently waited several operations and a children’s outside just for the young dane, before he could sit up on the bike to roll out on the Danish roads for the first time since the fateful day in december. Here was B. T. in the way, and the experience you can read much more about here.

“The subsequent weeks went well, where I got trained and been running really strong on the bike, but the scans have just shown that the bone is still broken, and the healing is not going very well, so I’ve had to take a break from it all,” says a cyclist for a living, where he is currently almost completely isolated from the outside world – however, not because of coronavirussen:

“I’m very depressed at the moment because of this setback, since I apparently have made several mistakes along the way in genoptræningen. That is why I am also afraid that I’m never going to get my debut in the Movistar. Right now I can only walk around on the leg a few times a day for 15 minutes at a time.”

According to Mette Frederiksen’s famous press conference 12. march chose Mathias Norsgaard to go into self-imposed quarantine at home, since he feared that an illness would hinder the healing process further.

“I have never heard of the bones will not heal properly, and since I am a young sportsman who lives healthy and trains well, then I can’t understand it. I can do nothing for, and it is wildly depressing that it is out of my hands. It’s crap,” he explains.

As the stortalentet in February sat up on the bike again, so he looked forward to a time when he could again drøne around on the Spanish roads, but genoptræningens the setbacks and the fears of coronavirus has put an abrupt end to the aspirations of just preliminary.

“I should have been in Spain now with some friends, but instead I’m here and nothing can. I’m not talking to anyone about it, and I’m just sitting here and count the days. Two weeks feels like a half a year of time,” says Mathias Norsgaard and adds:

“It’s hard, because I’m in a situation where I cannot control it. I’m a little in shock, I must admit.”

the Dream of a quick comeback has been replaced with a life that could not remind less about life as a professional cyclist, he says:

“Time goes on just slowly, and I have basically only cycle in my life, for I am usually a big supporter of the only to have, but it bites me in the ass now.”

Tilbageskridtet has actually hit him so hard that he has difficulty to comprehend a comebackdato.

“I’m the lowest in the hierarchy on the Movistar team right now, so it will be at least not until at least august,” he concludes.”

however, It is not only Mathias Norsgaard, who can’t participate in some cycling just for the time being. The fear of coronavirus has put a temporary stop to all cycling, and the Tour de France is also in danger of being canceled, if it must be run without spectators.