After the outrage about their long-distance journey, the climate activists of the “last generation” Luisa and Yannick are now commenting on the criticism. They make an oath and try to justify themselves.

The long-distance journey of two climate activists has been the subject of discussions for days. Finally, according to a report in the “Bild” newspaper, they skipped a court date and went on vacation to Bali. After a spokesman for the organization “Last Generation” defended the trip with the words that the two were ultimately traveling as private individuals and not as climate activists, which had to be “separated”, the accusation of double standards was raised.

The following media reports, also on FOCUS online, and the outrage in social media meant that your organization felt compelled to counter the bad impression in a press release. Now the two young people are doing it themselves, Yannick and Luisa. It is a desperate attempt to justify this journey and minimize the enormous damage done to the credibility of the “Last Generation”.

In a guest article in the ” taz ” they swear that the return flight will be the “last of their lives”. The two young people are in their early 20s.

Incidentally, in consultation with the court, they did not attend the court date. In short, they justify the trip, which according to them did not lead them to Bali, but to Thailand: It has always been Luisa’s dream, this dream has brought her into great conflicts of conscience and she has had many thoughts, like her get there as climate-neutral as possible. That was not very successful, but in the end the longing won out. They are like many people who otherwise criticize them so harshly.

The activists describe these thoughts, which they claim to have had about a possible alternative to the plane, as follows: The land route was canceled because there are so many armed conflicts on the way to Thailand. Traveling by ship was also not an option, so it was left with the plane. Luisa and Yannick have, at least they claim, chosen an airline whose planes use as little kerosene as possible and of course they also fly non-stop to save on energy-intensive take-offs.

In Thailand too, they say, they have a guilty conscience. That’s why they only want to fly to Turkey on the way back and then travel overland to Germany from there.

After dumping so much ashes on their heads, they try to hold the rest of society responsible for their journey. Luisa and Yannick write: “Every gram of CO equivalent is one too many and every ton even more so. But we think that it is not climate activists who have to be held to a special duty, but everyone according to human possibilities.” And then further: “But it must also be the task of politics to make bad decisions for the climate, like ours, to prevent and to steer into good ones.”

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