No one hesitated to show solidarity with Manoj Subramaniam. The local politician of the Greens had made public how he was being persecuted by neo-Nazis. But now it turns out that the allegations were apparently fictitious. Subramaniam is said to have staged the incidents himself.

Everything pointed to attacks by neo-Nazis: Green city councilor Manoj Subramaniam (33) received death threats, razor blades were stuck in his mail. He reported slashed tires to the police and found swastika graffiti on his car along with the word “Jew”. A letter spoke of the anniversary of his death as September 1st. Signed by NSU 2.0. The successors of the right-wing terrorist gang of murderers NSU.

The state protection of the police in Aachen began investigations in July. All parties in the Erkelenz city council demonstratively placed themselves in front of the local politicians. The Greens parliamentary group spokesman Hans-Josef Dederichs thanked him in a press release for the encouragement: “What happened there is depressing and shameful. It is all the more important that we stand together as democratic parties.”

Persecuted Subramaniam emphasized that he wanted to continue and increase his commitment. “These people won’t shut me up,” he recently told the Aachener Zeitung. “Our respect goes to Manoj, who doesn’t let himself be defeated…”, the party members praised the unshakeable courage of the politician, who has his roots in Sri Lanka. From then on, the police put the Greens under personal protection.

In the meantime, however, the right-wing extremist hunt seems to be a myth. A spokeswoman for the public prosecutor’s office in Mönchengladbach told FOCUS Online that the politician staged the whole scenario himself. “As part of the investigation, the suspicion was confirmed that the reported crimes did not occur, that they were faked and that there was no threat.”

Evidence was found during a search of Subramaniam’s home. For example the color with which the inflammatory graffiti is said to have been painted on. In addition, the accused is said to have literally collapsed during his interrogation and largely admitted the crimes. Investigators declined to comment on his motive.

The Green party leadership in North Rhine-Westphalia is utterly horrified. ‎ Yazgülü Zeybek and Tim Achtermeyer said on request: “Hate and threats of violence are a big problem in our country. We are all the more shocked that Manoj Subramaniam has faked crimes against himself.” It is expected that the councilor will resign from his offices and mandates. In addition, further steps would be examined “as soon as all details are known”.