that’s not going to be matches for the men’s team this summer due to the coronavirussen. At the same time the women’s european championship and men’s U21-EM deferred to the summer of 2022.

It has DBU has just announced.

the Resolutions is Wednesday, been taken by UEFA and affects a large number of matches.

For the men’s team, this means that the two planned friendly matches against Norway and Sweden are cancelled, while the women’s team kvalkampe for the european championships against Israel and Italy, which also originally meant to be played in June, is exposed.

the Woman-EM, as well as the U21-european championship for gentlemen is at the same time pushed a year to the summer of 2022, as next year must complete both the OLYMPICS and the men’s EM.

“We are in an extraordinary crisis in the Danish society and in most of Europe. DBU has from the start backed up on the Danish authorities ‘ decisions and recommendations, and we also support UEFA’s decisions that are both responsible and sensible,” says the director of DBU, Jacob Jensen.

“public Health is always more important than football, and we must not risk that football carries the infection further around the community. Of course, it is a pity that our national team should not play in front of our many Danish fans in June, but it is a necessary decision,” he adds.

other football events are being directly influenced by the corona-epidemic.

the UEFA Elite Round and the european championship for U19-women is cancelled the UEFA Elite Round and the european championship for U17-masters is cancelled the UEFA Elite Round and the european championship for U19-men and the U17-women are deferred, as both have the qualification to FIFA tournaments. Futsal Champions League is postponed indefinitely.