Consignments of the drug Remdesivir is conveyed to Danish hospitals. The medicine must be tested on 12 patients.

If there is a type of medication that can treat patients with the coronavirus, the arrow pointing in the scientific community – that it is the means Remdesivir.

Friday is the consignments of the drug received on several Danish hospitals.

Here a total of 12 patients are treated with Remdesivir as a part of an international research project, inform the Aalborg university Hospital.

The north jutland hospital participating in the project.

Remdesivir is one of the medicinal products, as the world’s scientists have the greatest hope to know the treatment of bovine pleuropneumonia patients with Covid-19.

It tells senior chief physician Henrik Nielsen from the infectious disease department at Aalborg university Hospital.

– the Drug is attacking the very coronavirusset and have a direct effect on what damage the body.

– So I am thinking that it makes very good sense to try it. It is the first drug that how to really attack the root cause of the disease, he says.

Henrik Nielsen compares the medicine effect with antibiotics.

Covid-19 is the name of the disease that patients get after infection with the coronavirus. So far there hasn’t been a known, effective treatment of the disease.

globally must Remdesivir be tested on 440 patients of which 200 in Europe.

Remdesivir was originally developed to treat other severe viral infections. For example, ebola, sars and mers.

the latter two are The former viral infections in coronafamilien.

– It is the first drug that offers real hope, but there are limited quantities, says Henrik Nielsen.

Therefore, it must preliminary be tested on 440 patients in the world.

– But I can’t imagine anything more than that puts the speed on the production now, ” says the chief physician.

He refers to the american manufacturer Gilead, which is doing Remdesivir.

of The 12 Danish patients are selected according to some specific criteria, among other things, how long they have been infected. If more and more people will be treated with the agent, depends on, whether sent more medicine to Denmark.

another remedy, which has been discussed as an option in the treatment of patients with Covid-19, is malariamidlet Klorokin.

to date, Henrik Nielsen, however, greater confidence Remdesivir.

In several cases worldwide are infected patients with Covid-19 already been treated with Remdesivir.

But there is a lack of data on whether the drug actually has an effect.