Bookningsbureauet has come in the massive headwind in recent days, where more customers are dissatisfied with the treatment they get.

the Dissatisfaction goes primarily to customers do not can come in contact with the agency when they want the money for cancelled trips will be refunded.

It is evidenced by several postings on both Trustpilot and Facebook.

below you can see a selection of posters and comments from dissatisfied customers:

‘I sent an email to customer service, 16 days ago, and I still have no answer received. After having been in a queue for the phone in four hours, I laid on,’ writes the user Alessandra on Trustpilot.

‘You are definitely not the only one who has been let down. Two weeks ago I wrote to the airline and cancelled my trip to Denmark in the last 14 days in april with Emirates. Have not heard anything from there yet, and just yesterday canceled the Emirates all flights until further notice,’ writes Henning Lind on Facebook.

the airline is owned by Etraveli Group, which has a number of websites/companies, which conveys the tickets.

B. T. on Monday afternoon, has been in contact with Claes Tellman, who is the communication director in the Etraveli Group.

“Our customer service is under enormous pressure, because we have thousands of travel that shall be reimbursed. Therefore, we are all as much as we possibly can, and some of us work both weekends and evenings seven days a week.”

Claes Tellman explains that the airline must have the money from the airline, before they can reimburse them to the client.

And it tells he’s not as easy as it sounds:

“the Whole aerospace industry they toil in these times, and therefore things take longer time than usual. We work around the clock as all the others. Customers have to have a little patience.”

He says the ending to B. T., that the whole situation of course is severe, and they apologize to the customers who have been waiting a long time.

the Criticism is starting to hagle down over the after coronakrisen began.

Thus have bookningsbureauet not got a positive review on Trustpilot for the last six days. On Facebook, people are generally critical, but a few shares anyway words of praise out, because they have got their money refunded.

B. T. have also received mails from dissatisfied customers, which we subsequently tried to get a comment from. However, they have not yet returned to our requests.