For the first time since the tax cut, the price of premium petrol has fallen a bit. With diesel, on the other hand, there is less and less relief left.

The rise in the price of super petrol has stopped for the time being. The E10 variety fell by 0.6 cents within a day, as the ADAC announced on Friday. On a nationwide daily average on Thursday, it cost 1.942 euros per liter. It was the first decline since last week’s tax cut relief. The price had already stagnated from Tuesday to Wednesday. Diesel, on the other hand, continued to become more expensive: On Thursday, the fuel cost 2.012 euros per liter. That’s 0.5 cents more than on Wednesday.

Both fuels have become significantly more expensive again after a drop in price as a result of the tax cut on Wednesday last week. A liter of diesel is now only 3.2 cents cheaper than the day before the tax was reduced by 16.7 cents. With Super E10 it is 20.9 cents – with a tax reduction of 35.2 cents.

“If you factor out the tax cut, the price at the gas station has risen more than the price of crude oil since the end of May. Of course, that raises questions,” said the President of the Bundeskartellamt, Andreas Mundt. Last year and until February 2022, Super E5 was never more than 40 cents more expensive than crude oil without taxes. Since then, the difference has grown and from May 27 it has risen to around 60 cents. “This widening of the gap highlights why we need to delve deeper into the refinery level.”

In Great Britain, too, fuel prices continue to rise sharply despite a tax cut. For the first time ever, more than 2 pounds (2.35 euros) had to be paid for a liter of diesel at motorway service stations, according to the Royal Automobile Club, the British equivalent of the ADAC. Just a few weeks ago, Finance Minister Rishi Sunak cut the fuel tax by 5 pence. Now the motorist lobby is demanding further significant discounts.

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