Many people are currently facing gas price increases. The planned gas allocation is also to blame for this. Dirk Jansen from Düsseldorf has now received a corresponding letter from the public utility company. The letter is intended to explain the “price regulation from October 1st, 2022” – and is therefore likely to fail with the majority of customers.

Because: The letter does not show a simple price increase, but the complete formula. Jansen published the letter on his Facebook page with the comment: “That’s what I call a transparent price adjustment from my public utility company”… “Put out the books, class work,” comments one user.

Jansen told the Rheinische Post about the letter: “It caused amusement. But actually, the public utilities can save themselves the postage if it can only be understood with a degree in mathematics”. He would have preferred to have been given a precise announcement of what is to come. “That’s more important,” says Jansen.

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Stadtwerke Düsseldorf explained to the “Rheinische Post” that the letter had been sent “due to the overall challenging situation”. “Even if the mathematical formulas are certainly not easy to understand for laypeople, you can still see which cost blocks are included in the calculation,” it continues – it’s “a question of transparency.”

“Have you done the math?” asks a user on Facebook Dirk Jansen. He replies dryly: “I’ll just leave the heating off…”. It’s easier.

According to a report, Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) questions the planned gas levy. According to “Bild am Sonntag”, Lindner does not consider the associated additional costs to be sensible given the economic situation.

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