A strange competition has taken place in England: a cheese race. A German wins and tells who he is bringing the cheese to.

A man from Munich is among the winners of this year’s cheese race, which took place in the English county of Gloucestershire. People throw themselves down a hill to chase a rolling wheel of cheese. 

“I am absolutely thrilled,” said Tom Kopke (22) from Munich, according to the British news agency PA, on Monday after winning one of the races.

Unfortunately he couldn’t remember much about it, it just started. He was told the best strategy was to roll down the hill, but he simply slipped, Kopke said in English. And then you have to get to your feet quickly in order to be able to run to the end.

The competition has a long tradition. One assumption is that the race could have its roots in a pagan spring festival. The official event was discontinued a few years ago after more than 15,000 visitors came, PA reported. Since then, the race has been held unofficially. According to the BBC, people have repeatedly sustained injuries during the competition.

When asked why they came from Germany to do this, Kopke briefly pointed to the people and the hill behind him. “I love this event. She’s just crazy.” He promised his grandmother the cheese. 

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