Summer is in full swing, which means it’s time to take a trip. Well, certainly not the humans, because the pandemic has not been canceled. But the Mars Rover Curiosity could not afford it. NASA announced that the Rover has already begun the “summer adventure” and has revealed new images of the red planet.

During your road travel, the Rover examines a little less than two kilometers of the surface, and then will return again on a high mountain called Aolida, which he has been studying for several years.

Curiosity is heading to an area known for high contents of gypsum, salt and other sulphates. These compounds are usually formed in places where once was water, so the Rover can help NASA learn about the distant past of Mars and how it became a barren landscape that we see today.

The team of Curiosity, which controls and helps the Rover from Earth, still running from their homes because of the pandemic. It’s a bit complicated operation. However, the space Agency claims that part of this trip will be performed using the integrated Autonomous capabilities of the Rover. Thanks to them, Curiosity is able to determine the most secure routes.

In order to raise the morale of the team and all who are waiting for new results of Curiosity’s mission, NASA has accompanied the announcement of the “summer travel” a new panorama image of the rock surface Greenheugh Pediment. This photo appeared in the result of gluing 28 images that Curiosity sent back in April. Now the machine will have a new challenge and new images!