Cruise liner MSC Magnifica for a month already

Cruise ship MSC Magnifica for a month already Cruise ship MSC Magnifica for a month already “running away” from coronavirus with healthy passengers
Colombo Gazette / YouTube

Cruise liner MSC Magnifica is already a month can not be planted in any of the ports more than two thousand passengers, none of whom are infected with coronavirus, reports “Interfax”.

“a year and a half ago my wife bought a ticket to the world 117-day cruise. For us it started on 6 January in Marseille – at the time of the coronavirus no one had ever heard. Then our route was so amazing that we went from the infected zone – during the first two months we did not visit any country with the coronavirus, so we quietly took Pacific Islands – Tahiti, Easter island, the cook Islands, then New Zealand,” said passenger Michael Waldfogel video on YouTube.

At the 70th day the liner arrived on the Australian island of Tasmania, and the captain suddenly announced that to go ashore impossible.

On the ship are 2.2 thousand guests, including seven Russians, said the passenger. Most of all – the French and the Italians and the Germans. Among the guests a lot of elderly people. About a thousand people – members of the crew.

In Facebook he noted that passengers do not leave the liner on March 10 and in light of the situation in the world called it “a good option for self-isolation”.

“In Australia we have uploaded good products, became a lot of delicious fish, meat and good wine,” wrote Michael in the beginning of April.

In the press service of the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT) the portLou “Interfax-Tourism” has reported that on Monday, the airliner was indeed in Colombo: “what’s next MSC Magnifica is not yet known. Perhaps the captain will decide on the basis of the latest information about the situation in the ports along the way”.

According to media reports, now the liner is heading to Italy. In Sri Lanka aboard evacuated an elderly woman from Germany who was having heart problems.