It seemed a bit surreal, since Sergio Busquets had to take Pep Guardiola and Stale Solbakken’s ad in 2010.

In connection with the Champions League showdown in the Park, which is in fact sensationally ended 1-1, came I am the coach and his ditto from FC Barcelona so much in the red field, to the near ended up in the scuffle.

Now open the Solbakken up for what really happened 2. november for just under 10 years ago. He does so in a Norwegian Premier League programme, writes TV 2 Norway.

We rewind right back to 2010, when a special event took place at the Camp Nou in the first showdown between the two teams. The detail ended up being crucial in the fracas.

At FC Copenhagen 2-0 defeat in Spain gave Barcelona keeper Pinto, as Cesar Santin got a friløber down against cataloniernes goals.

It got the attacker to stop, since he thought that that was whistled offside.

You can see the clip here.

After the match criticized the Stale Solbakken at FC Barcelona, in connection with the incident, and he got it to the brand of the second leg in the Park two weeks after.

“I know with the same that there is something wrong, when I arrive at the same time as Guardiola, which will give me the hand. So I told the Bard Wiggen (FCK-coach, ed.), that we have done something right,” says Stale Solbakken.

But it was only after the match that it all went crazy. And exploded.

“We play our life’s battle, and it ends 1-1. Our players rejoice, as they have won the WORLD cup. I thank you so Guardiola for the match, and he says to me: ‘Now you can go to the fucking UEFA and complain about the match.’ I try to explain to him the situation quietly, however, as we approach spillertunnelen, I can’t take any more. So beat it click for me,” says FCK-coach, who can’t remember what he said, other than that it was not ‘very nicely’.

the Coaches did later become good friends again.

Barely a year and a half later, it was Stale Solbakken has been the head coach of the German Cologne, FC Barcelona stayed in the city in connection with a Champions League clash against Bayer Leverkusen.

Here met Solbakken and Wiggen Pep Guardiola after the match, as Barcelona had given them tickets for.

Guardiola took the Norwegian trænerduo with in the hotel bar, where the three gentlemen ended up discussing football in four hours than a taktiktavle, two beers and a Pepsi Max.

“As the time was 03.30, I said thanks, and that I would not take any more of his time,” says Stale Solbakken.

In the 2010-2011 season, the achieved FC Copenhagen its best european result ever, as the team went on from the group stage and went out in the Champions League ottendedelsfinalen against storholdet Chelsea.

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