the Childless can not get help to have children while coronavirusset rampant in the country. Fertilitetsklinikkerne closes.

fertility clinics across the country are temporarily closed as a result of the corona virus, and many children must, therefore, wait to get fertility treatment.

It tells Ulla After Knudsen, a professor and senior physician at the fertility Clinic at the regional hospital of Horsens, denmark, to DR.

the Closures is done both in order to avoid infection at the clinics but also to staff can help to other places in the hospital, writes DR.

– There will be patients in hospital who have Covid-19. If women and couples who come for treatment with us, perhaps with public transport comes in the vicinity of someone who could be infected, so they can even get sick or spread the infection, says Ms. After Knudsen to DR.

At the clinic in Horsens continues, however, the treatments that are already in progress, but you say ‘ no ‘ to new patients.

The exposed treatments drawers a lot of couples, but at the same time, they have a great understanding of the situation, says Ulla After Knudsen.

When fertilitetsklinikkerne again opens, it will inevitably provide a larger queue for processing.

Many people have often tried to conceive for years, and, therefore, the additional latency slide hard on them, tell Tina Teglgaard from the national Association for the Involuntarily Childless, to DR.

so far, Denmark is partially closed until after the easter 13. april. Many wonder whether the closure will be extended again, but on Saturday wrote to prime minister Mette Frederiksen (S) on Facebook, that she neither think or hope it will last for months.

– If we continue to keep distance. Wash hands. Avoid too much activity. Then we could quietly see it in the figures: the Number of admissions will increase less steeply than they otherwise would. The curve will hopefully flatten out.

– In this scenario – which I think is the most likely – so we can faster start then small to open to Denmark again, wrote Mette Frederiksen.