Coronavirus: the number of cases in the world exceeded one million

the Number of cases in the world exceeded 1 million the Number of cases in the world exceeded 1 million

the Number of people infected with coronavirus new type COVID-19 in the world exceeded one million people, such data results the statistical the Worldometer website. The number of deceased patients with COVID-19 more than 50 thousand Over 210 thousand cases recovered.

According to the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at the Johns Hopkins University, the number of infected was close to 1 million

the most infected per day recorded in the United States. There they were more than 226 thousand In second place is Italy with more than 115 thousand On the third to Spain, where already infected more than 110 thousand people. In other European countries zaregistrirovano several thousand cases.

In 175 countries outside of China was more than 850 thousand cases, in the last days the increase was 76 130 cases.

According to official statistics, China has almost stopped the growth in the number of cases for the last day only identified 90 new cases.

50239 In the world was dead. Of these, more than 13 thousand – in Italy, more than 10 thousand – in Spain and more than 4 thousand in France.

the Total number recovered from coronavirus exceeds 208 thousand.

the Speed of propagation of the coronavirus COVID-19 growing every day, increasing the number of victims.