The world is all set to fight it out with the feline corona virus head-on. In addition, India is a former F1 circuit and used as a quarantine location < / p> When it held 5.14 km-long Buddh International Circuit from 2011 through 2013, with the grand prix of India will be organized, but in place of the F1 cars, it welcomes in the circuit and now the immigrants who the government is in quarantine it if necessary.

During the lockdown, which is run by the government, was introduced to the work force in the quarantine before they are Delhi, are allowed to leave and return to their home town or village.

india’s government wants to do with the reception in the grounds around the F1 circuit to prevent the workers from returning to their city, town or village, to the corona virus would further spread throughout the country.

the return of Formula 1 to India is not in it. The Jaypee Group, the owners of the facilities in and around the F1 race track, is a long time in financial trouble.

The German, Sebastian Vettel will be, so for the time being the only F1 driver who will be the grand prix of India, in his name, he managed to write it. Vettel has won, after all, and Red Bull for three years in a row at the Buddh International Circuit.

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