It is a ship to Nowhere …

Sieghard book (78), real estate entrepreneur from Schwerin, with his wife on a trip around the world and literally sees no more Land. “We are trapped on a floating star prison,” he says. “Due to Corona, we are allowed to make port more. We dawdle in a zig-zag course across the sea“.

On 5. January was started by the couple in Venice. On the cruise liner “Costa Deliziosa” (1800 guests) moved in a comfort cabin. Price: 45 000 Euro. The first Corona cases in China interested because no.

Then the Virus came to the world. Result: everywhere entry lock. “No one takes us more,” said book. “We are driving since 14. March on the Indian ocean, around. Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Maldives, India, Madagascar – all deleted.

On the ship “captured”: Sieghard book (78) on Board of the cruise liner
photo: Private

The ship only stops for Refueling and for supplies puts. And the to 26. April! Book: “We will be the last cruise ship on the ocean of this world, and with 43 non-stop days at sea the eternal world record hold.” Return home is unclear.

There you already Provide. Roland book (51), son of the entrepreneur: “it is true that there are on Board no Corona case, however, I’m worried. My father has a heart condition and belongs to a risk group. The trip should have long since been cancelled.“