Oliver Kahn looks in the face of drastic changes for the company and also the football through the corona crisis, Parallel to the 11. September.

“Epoch-making experiences, it is that we pause and reflect. I still remember the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11. September 2001,” says the Board member of FC Bayern Munich, the “Sport Bild”.

Oliver Kahn directs Corona-Task-Force-group of the FC Bayern

After that, many were assumed to be “of the world will change forever. In fact, there is a need for more security was established. There is a life after this crisis,” added the 50-Year-old.

FC Bayern directs Kahn, in the meantime, an internal Corona-Task-Force-group. In the crisis he could not do it “on the sun deck, comfortably, but need help in the engine room that the ship remains on course,” he says. AFP/AFP/INA FASSBENDER Looks crisis, aks Chance: Oliver Kahn

Central employees was communication. For the club leadership, there had been “a top priority” that will not let employee’s “alone,” says Kahn. “We are not talking in vain, always a Bayern family. This shows that ‘Mia san Mia’ is just a phrase, but a living culture and the value of the FC Bayern.”

Kahn: “It is a matter of great harm from the football

avert” Basically, crises would expose “the property, weaknesses and vulnerabilities of a system”, which open up opportunities.

“we’re not there yet. From the point of view of those responsible for it is currently a matter of great harm from football to avert,” says the three-time world goalkeeper. “No one can say at the present time, is credible to make predictions on how our lives and the football world will change.”

His desire: “Maybe we appreciate it more, what makes the soccer ball in the core, fun, positive emotions and shared experiences, and not hatred, bullying and violence.” On the transfer market a “Flattening” of the Detachment and salaries would be the “logical consequence”, says Kahn.

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