Dresden Germany in the spirit of spring: 14 degrees, sun. Perfect Party weather for grilling on the river Elbe, Hiking in the Saxon Switzerland, Romp on the Playground. But all this is no longer permitted because of the Corona virus!

The police Department in Dresden on Saturday sent 150 additional officers on the streets in Dresden, Meißen and the Saxon Switzerland. In the state capital of 30 employees of the regulatory office in two shifts, were also on the move. The Dresden police had to count in the course of the week, more than 50 violations of the group-prohibition, it was said to Saturday, 18 PM: “There are only four offences were in connection with the Corona-pandemic found,” said police spokesman Marko Laske (46).

control at a distance. Only persons in a household may close photo of the seat: Stefan Hässler

wanted to make a family out of the erzgebirgskreis district, for example, a trip to Meissen and was forced to turn back. In Dresden, a house community met for the Sport banned!

but most have kept to the new output rules. Laske: “The police Directorate in Dresden would expressly like to thank the population for their prudent and careful behavior.”


IMAGE was accompanied by the Dresden police on Saturday on Patrol. Police chief Daniel Fritzsch (32), and police Commissioner Raymond Sachs (40) run in a dark blue Uniform with a baseball cap from the shooting lane. The black combat clothing with a helmet was allowed to remain in the locker. “This looks to be martial. The colleagues should concentrate on gatherings of people, to the good sense of citizens to appeal. Because in large groups of people to the risk of infection is particularly high,“ said Laske.

First stop: old market square. Empty of people. In front of the Palace of culture, three Dresden seats. As a woman sees the officer, puts you immediately a Meter of your well-Known way. Commissioner Sachs stated the distance rule. All in a relaxed, “Stay healthy,” says one of the police officers.