by the end of 2019 had only forecast a 16 percent decline in volume. Conversely, only four percent currently expect revenues to increase significantly less than three months ago. The results of EY Real Estate survey, which was conducted with about 300 participants from all sectors of the real estate industry took part. The authors placed the results with the results of the trend barometer real estate investment market in 2020, from the beginning of the year into the relationship. Energy contracts: 80% of all Germans are still paying too much! (Display)

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“The current Corona-crisis could have far-reaching consequences for the real estate industry,” says Christian Schulz-Wulkow, head of the real estate sector at EY for the DACH Region and responsible for the study. “The real estate economy is heavily intertwined with the financial system and the economy at the top. Should be transferred for example through loss of rent blatant liquidity shortages, negative impacts that go far beyond the real estate markets themselves are threatening.“ the

development of investment volume: a Clear downward trend EY of The optimism in the construction sector has waned. the logistics with the least negative impact

logistics real estate will come in the opinion of the experts surveyed at the onset of the crisis. You can profit in the short term due to the increasing delivery traffic. A third of the survey participants in this Segment expects rising prices.

the Outlook for The residential real estate segment slowed significantly: three months Ago, 55 percent of the market participants had expected further rise in prices, currently only 16 per cent expect it.

conversely, the proportion of those who expect falling prices soared from four to 34 per cent in the height. With the FOCUS Online loans comparison (display) Now follow-on funding

calculate prices for office properties under pressure

The positive Outlook for office real estate from the beginning of the year has now reversed, with 73 percent expect a decline in prices. At the beginning of 2020, the value was only two percent.

Even greater impact of the respondents feared for retail real estate: Due to the current closures, the share of those who expect falling prices is rising, from 38 to 87 percent. Most dramatically, the survey results came in the hotel segment: 95 percent of the experts expect prices to fall.

industry calls for tax relief

Meanwhile, the policy has adopted a Multi-billion-Euro program to mitigate the crisis. Relating to the real estate industry – such as the increased dismissal protection for residential and commercial tenants. The survey participants want, with a view of the tax law, other measures. Around two-thirds of the respondents hope to obtain relief in taxation as well as in the collection and enforcement procedures.

About half of the participants also considered a temporary waiver of the levying of wage tax and VAT as the value of wool, measures immediate Liquidity.

Jürgen Bauderer, head taxes, the real estate sector in the DACH Region at EY and Co-author of the study, summarizes this aspect: “The first measures of the government are to be welcomed, but will not be sufficient to avoid distortions. Here we need to load just as quickly as the mind.“

Less new construction fears – financing, restrictive

Due to the massive impact of the pandemic on the economy, almost 96 per cent, a continued low interest rate environment. More than 80 percent fear however, a decline in new construction. “New construction projects are now coming to the test. Many investors will wait to see how the Situation in a few months, and which projects still make sense,“ explains Schulz-Wulkow. More than half of the respondents also expect decreased investment in the existing building. Also, the financing environment is harsh: So 75 percent of respondents expect more restrictive lending and more than 70 percent also see ongoing funding in jeopardy. The Focus-real estate, Atlas 2019

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