Film and series junkies can now also enjoy Paramount in Germany – for EUR 7.99 per month. In addition to Star Trek, Top Gun and Dexter, there are many other blockbusters to discover, some of which are even exclusive. We took a closer look at the new streaming portal.

The Internet, endless expanses. The year is 2023. These are the adventures of the Paramount streaming platform, which has been on the road for over a month now with hundreds of films and series to win new fans. If the lines (in a modified form) seem familiar to you, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to the science fiction spectacle “Star Trek”, Paramount also has many other blockbusters such as “Dexter”, “Mission: Impossible” or “Top Gun” and real classics à la “The Godfather”, “Léon – The Professional”. ‘ or ‘Pulp Fiction’ to discover.

We looked around a bit on the new streaming portal and are quite impressed by the content – especially since the price of 7.99 euros per month is below that of the competition. Nevertheless, compared to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney, one or two shortcomings are still noticeable. It should not be forgotten that Paramount only started in German-speaking countries on December 8, 2022 and that a lot can change in the next few weeks.

Paramount is offering seven days of free access to its full streaming offering. However, you must already deposit a credit card here (currently only Visa and MasterCard work), which will be charged at 7.99 euros per month after the test period, unless you cancel. An annual subscription is currently not available, which on the other hand has the advantage that you remain flexible and can pause or end your membership at any time if necessary.

We consider the relatively limited selection of apps to be a small drawback. In addition to the common Android and Apple devices, Paramount can currently only be used on Samsung televisions built in 2017 or later, Fire TV, Chromecast or via Sky Cinema. If you own an older or unsupported TV model, you will have to switch to another device or the web browser for better or worse.

Apart from these initial difficulties, Paramount offers extremely high-quality films and series of all kinds. Among them are real treasures. Above all, classics like “The Godfather” were previously only available to a limited extent or at an additional cost on the well-known streaming platforms. The same applies to the still quite fresh cinema hit “Top Gun: Maverick”, which costs at least 16.99 euros on other portals. Those looking for new series recommendations should definitely take a look at “1883” (the prequel to “Yellowstone”), “City on a Hill”, Simon Beckett’s “Chemistry of Death” or “Halo” – all Paramount originals and exclusives .

Fans of the brands “Showtime”, “Comedy Central”, “MTV”, “Nickelodeon”, “Nick Jr.” and “Smithsonian” will also get their money’s worth. There is something here for every series junkie and film lover – whether it’s a western, crime thriller, comedy, drama, documentary, reality show or cartoon. Since the streaming offer is expanded almost daily, the watch list should fill up pretty quickly. Paramount’s user interface always remains clear. At least we won’t be bored in the coming weeks and months and we’re excited to see which highlights will be added.

A somewhat bitter drop of bitterness remains, however: Paramount currently makes all content available in maximum Full HD resolution (1080p). 4K and HDR spoiled eyes will demand a tear or two. Likewise, surround fans still have to accept compromises, as the soundtrack of German-language content is currently only available in stereo format. However, this does not detract from the plot of films and series or the tension in general.

After all, the streaming provider gives a ray of hope: In the course of the year, both the picture and sound quality should be significantly improved. Across the pond (in the US), movie buffs are already seeing razor-sharp Ultra HD pictures with extended dynamic range and hearing surround sound. So it’s only a matter of time before 4K, HDR10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos are also available in this country. By then at the latest, Paramount should be on a par with the established competition and possibly block some customers.