now, How incompetent and disconnected, you can sports be? FIBA has decided to take the grand finale of the Champions League of basketball of the season to the end of september, beginning of October. Then, on the one hand, the new leagues have already started up, and, on the other hand, each of the teams, usually, and almost entirely about the other selections.

in a tournament, for example, in tennis, at a later date, will be rescheduled is yet to be understood. But it’s not a competition in team sports? FIBA decided in the previous and this month, for all European competitions such as Euroleague Women, with the Belgian Cats by Emma Meesseman (Ekatetinburg), and Julie Allemand (Lyon) and in FIBA EuroCup Women, with her fellow Cats, as Jana Raman (Valencia) Kim Mestdagh (Charleville), finally, as well as for the appointment of an outbreak to stop it. The only choice for you. The Champions League final and was on hold for a few loaded, and of course, everyone was going to be in the “basketbalwereldje” that the result of the final withdrawal, however, was soon to follow.

it’s Not. The Champions League campaign of the 2019-2020 will receive a six-month delay in a Final 8 as the “grand finale”. Six teams have already qualified. For the last two tickets, is struggling under the beach. The kustploeg in the best-of-three against Tenerife on a 1-to-1 position. In the third and deciding contest should be in Tenerife, and to be challenged. Coach Dario Gjergja have now is likely to be a complete new team of European duel to finish.

One plus for the beach and the sea. It has at least oefenmatch at the top of the class, on the calendar, sparkle. FIBA on the other hand excels in, however, once once. How can you, after this decision, another “aux-seriousness” is to be taken.

find out More about BC Oostende, Ostend, does the Champions League of basketball, after the summer off, First class, in belgium, basketball in both men and women to finally stopped, and Ostend, and Castors Braine was declared the champion of Ostend today, the champion of basketball? Basketball Ostend, may be injured Amar Sylla, not replace it