The tank discount in Germany has been in effect since June 1st. The plan was to save drivers 30 cents on petrol and 14 cents on diesel. Only a few days after the decision came into force, prices are back to their previous levels. It can not go on like that.

Dear petroleum companies and petrol station operators,

you did that cleverly. On June 1st, everyone was staring at you, asking if you were good at passing on the tank discount. Was mostly done. E10 was available in Munich for 1.76 euros, diesel around 1.90 euros. Only a few days later you show your normal face again: greed dominates.

Well, as a financial editor I could also say: You exploit the market economy – supply and demand, you do that really well. If people are stupid enough to fill up at your prices, bad luck. These citizens can also afford to go on vacation…

I already described my doubts before the tank discount and now it has to be said: We subsidize your profits with our taxes. Sure, it’s no different than if we build another BER and more tax money is burned. Nevertheless, the procedure – to put it mildly – ​​is not correct.

Now I’m curious about politics. Economics Minister Habeck has shown at Gazprom that he is not afraid of big names. Even if I’m not a fan of regulatory intervention, the dear politicians should act now if they want to remain credible – or better – want to become. The demand for the “skimming off of war-related excess profits” sounds cumbersome, but it is necessary.

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I like to repeat myself because it seems necessary: ​​I don’t want to use my tax money to ensure that the oil companies maximize their profits. If I were to think purely pragmatically, I would put BP, ExxonMobil or Shell in my depot. So that’s a little left pocket, right pocket. But I don’t want to do it here, I don’t want to support these corporations.

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Dear traffic light coalition, it is time to act.

Happy Pentecost!

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