Because there is no paper for the boxes, there are initial supply bottlenecks for certain cigarette brands. Marlboro, among others, is affected. Certain sizes are already sold out at many machines.

Due to the Ukraine war and the sanctions against Russia, many supply chains around the world are currently interrupted or disrupted. The tobacco industry is now feeling the effects of this.

Because: Paper for boxes is missing. This is made in Ukraine, among other places. Therefore, the butts are now scarce, as “Bild” reports. Philip Morris (including Marlboro, L

Wholesalers notice this too. However, only certain pack sizes are affected – for the time being: Those with 22 and 29 cigarettes of the Red and Gold varieties, which are sold for 8 or 10 euros.

According to wholesalers, this is particularly noticeable at the vending machines: many Marlboros are already sold out there.

At Klarna, around 700 employees were recently laid off. The founder of the company has now published a list with the majority of those affected. This should help them get new jobs faster.

Billions from the special fund are to be used to procure heavy transport helicopters. There were two providers to choose from – with different price ranges. The Ministry of Defense has now decided – without comparing the costs.

On the first day, the reduction in fuel taxes did not fully reach motorists. On the second day, the prices rise again. The cartel office sees potential for reductions and an economist sees the oil companies as the winners of the measure.