This season the national football League (NFL) due to pandemic coronavirus set a new record for the amount of fines for failure to comply with safety regulations. Them since the start of the championship two weeks managed to break the coaches from the six clubs not worn during matches medical mask. Three of those clubs, “Seattle”, “Denver” and “San Francisco” — the NFL has issued fines totaling $1 million Us TV channel ESPN reported that the NFL fined for failure to comply with the rules anticorrosiveness the head coaches of three teams — “San Francisco”, “Denver” and “Seattle”. Despite the fact that the League even before the season sent out to all clubs with special instructions, they did not wear during the Sunday matches medical mask. Now coaches Pete Carroll, Vic Fangio won and Kyle Shanahan will have to pay the League substantial fines of $100 million, another $250 thousand will be paid directly to the guilty clubs.Fined, most likely coaches of three clubs that played their matches on Monday. Without a mask on the field decided to do the heading “new England” bill Belichick, and the coach “new Orleans” Sean Payton wore her inappropriately on the neck.Much more serious consequences if the situation for “Las Vegas”, the coach who after the game was taken on COVID-19. John Thoraco at the time of the game decided to avoid disciplinary penalties to wear a mask, but it covered only his chin. Thoraco all the time in contact with players that — and this does not contradict the new rules — in no way was protected. He later apologized for the failure to comply with the regulations and reported willingness to pay a fine, but how many players after a match is identified coronavirus, have yet to learn.Photo: Isaac Brekken / Crimefile that the NFL among the major North American leagues was the only one that decided to carry out a full season. Unlike the NBA and NHL, in American football were not at the time of the pandemic to lock representatives of clubs in one or more cities with a”bubble”, and decided to stick with the traditional format.Ekaterina Remizova