The energy supplier EDF has discovered a radioactive leak in the French nuclear power plant Civaux. Accordingly, the leak was in the primary cooling circuit and was noticed on Wednesday. EDF stated that there was no danger. Measurements taken outside the facility, located in south-west France, would not have detected any radioactivity. At the request of the nuclear regulator ASN, ED is now to submit a report on the leak.

The affected reactor Civaux 1, which has been undergoing scheduled maintenance since August 2021 and is therefore switched off, was actually supposed to be started up again on January 8th. However, the leak could possibly delay commissioning, an insider told Reuters news agency. The energy supplier EDF, on the other hand, announced that no statements can be made about the restart of the reactor at the present time. Civaux 1, along with other reactors, is to be ramped up in time to supply France with sufficient electricity in the winter.

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Health Minister Karl Lauterbach wants to reform the hospitals. But his suggestions are by no means met with enthusiasm by everyone. Midwives have now started a petition against one of the innovations.

Hasan Alkas is a professor of microeconomics with a focus on international markets, he was an advisor to the Minister of Transport and Communications in Turkey for several years and worked at the European Commission in industrial policy. He loves Germany, but he ruthlessly exposes Germany’s weaknesses.

Soldiers from a Russian naval brigade openly criticized their commanders on Telegram. Their actions resulted in the brigade losing 300 men in just four days. “They don’t care about anything except adorning themselves. They call people flesh,” the letter reads.

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