Cookies, fruitcake, gingerbread, stollen and other sweets are very popular with hobby bakers during the Advent season. But this year consumers will have to dig deeper into their pockets if they want to bake Christmas sweets at home. FOCUS online says how expensive Christmas baking has become this year.

Consumers notice it at the supermarket checkout: food has become significantly more expensive since the beginning of the year. Higher commodity prices, increased transport costs, expensive energy prices and a double-digit inflation rate are having a full impact.

This also affects the annual Christmas baking in your own four walls. If you want to bake cookies, fruitcake, stollen or yeast braids, you have to spend a lot more money than you did during the Advent season of 2021.

The ingredients for Christmas baking have become up to 42 percent more expensive, as FOCUS online’s price radar shows. And that only if consumers choose cheap brands from discounters and supermarkets. If you buy branded products, the price increase is a whopping 55 percent.

Individual foods for baking cookies have become almost 90 percent more expensive compared to the previous year.

The FOCUS online price radar shows:

The development of sugar is striking.

If a kilogram cost 77 cents last year, it is now 1.49 euros. If you choose a branded product, you even pay 1.89 euros. For sugar alternatives such as maple syrup, agave syrup or honey, the price adjustment is over 30 percent. For comparison: For 250 milliliters of maple syrup, Rewe and Edeka charge 5.99 euros in the best case. In December 2021 it was 4.59 euros.

For whipped cream, the cheapest product in December 2021 cost only 69 cents. Consumers now pay 99 cents.

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The stollen price per kilo went up by up to 25 percent on average. Individual bakeries charge 25 euros per kilo for the traditional pastries. In December 2021 it was still 20 euros.

Consumers pay between EUR 2.40 and EUR 3.90 for a Lebkuchen from the bakery, depending on the company and type. The price increase is a good 20 percent.

The price development is violent and the entire baking industry is under enormous pressure. Energy, raw materials and wages increased in the financial year, many bakeries fear for their existence, as bakers’ guilds warn. On the one hand, companies have to heat their ovens with gas or electricity every day. Many bakeries have fixed-price contracts, so the enormous consequences of the energy crisis are often not fully felt.

As soon as the contracts expire, however, there is a risk of hefty increases. And that’s exactly why there is no end to the price spiral in sight.

Look actively in brochures and look for discount offers. Only buy branded products when they are on sale.

Go private label and reap the biggest savings. For this you buy products that can be found on the lower shelves. If you only buy food and drinks that are at eye level on the shelf, you have to expect higher prices.

Good to know: Despite the current wave of prices, there are many ways to save.

Special and weekly offers remain an important building block for Aldi Süd, Aldi Nord, Lidl, Rewe, Edeka, Hit and Co.

Look in brochures and pay attention to billboards in the branches. Coupons and vouchers can also make ingredients for Christmas baking cheaper.

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