Normally, would moderate Christa Rigozzi (36) now an occasion or a cooking competition. However, the Corona-crisis is forcing them to stay at home in Ticino. Rigozzi declared in the VIEW-Interview, as she explains her three-year-old twins, Alissa and Zoe the dangerous Virus and not to go as she and her husband, Giovanni Marchese (42) to create it, with so much shared time on the nerve.

It is not nice at all. I do this every ten days for us, my parents and my grandmother. So I protect myself, I’m responsible for my family. In Ticino you get at the entrance of the shops gloves and disinfectant. A Security monitored, whether all hold on it, and no one goes over 65 after 10 o’clock in the morning shopping, this is prohibited in us. Normally, I love to go shopping, but in the Corona of the time makes it no Fun. So I’ll stay at home.

I hope all of you! You have to be in this difficult time in solidarity, prudence, and responsibility to the Old and high-risk patients show. It brings nothing to go to the Ticino. Restaurants, Hotels, shops – everything is!

We are talking from window to window. Your purchase I will leave outside your door. My grandmother, I visit weekly, you will at 25. April 92 years old. I stay in the garden, on the balcony, so we can talk. For me, this is the worst: I can’t embrace my loved ones, not to kiss and have been for a month. But I’m not giving up, it’s about solidarity with the population.

At the beginning it was easy, I’ve tinkered with them a lot, painted and cooked and baked. But more and more often, you ask to your grandparents, that breaks our heart. We make daily video calls, and have told the children that there are outside of insects, the diseases and therefore not all home need to. Now, you ask every day whether the insects are still there, and I say Yes. But it is difficult for you to understand the Situation.

We have to do always something. Gio takes care of the garden, designed and painted. I’ll clean up, plaster, Windows, cabinets and the fridge, we have no cleaning lady and share with us as well. It is important that Gio and I ever find our moments to be alone. If he is outside, I’m indoors, and Vice versa. I’m working on new projects, am via Social Media with my Community, and in the evening we all eat together. The kids are in bed, we watch a movie.

In our home. I will prepare a fine lunch, and all the spoil. After that, we are looking for our Easter baskets, and enjoy the bunnies, the chocolate.

I want my life back, my dear ones, and that the vaccine against the Coronavirus and now!

From the Miss to the presenter

In September 2006, was elected Christa Rigozzi (36) to Miss Switzerland. After your year as a beauty Queen she graduated from the University of Freiburg, studying communication science and criminology with the grade of 5.5. In the following years, it became one of the most sought-after presenter for Events and TV Shows. In 2010, she married her great love, Giovanni Marchese (42). The Couple lives with the three-year-old twins, Alissa and Zoe in the Canton of Ticino.