In the human genome COVID-19 made significant changes, the Chinese authorities are making efforts to ensure regional and global security, said head of the international Department of the Central Committee of the Communist party of China, song Tao.

This statement was made during the meeting on 14 July international round table with the participation of Chairman of “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev and the leadership of the parliamentary parties of different countries on the issues of cooperation in the field of security during a pandemic coronavirus.

already made significant progress towards decoding the genome of the virus. And we are working towards including other countries in order to ensure regional and global security. There are specific examples of such cooperation, said sun Tao, a video, reports RIA Novosti.

According to him, pandemic coronavirus caught China by surprise, however, the Chairman XI Jinping and the Central Committee of the party took all necessary measures in order to respond quickly to the situation. Chinese authorities “have been able to control the situation in the sanitary-epidemiological and other aspects”, said sun Tao.

He also reminded that China sends all the necessary information from the world health organization (who) and informs them on all aspects of the epidemic.

And now we need to abandon the cold war mentality or trying to pull the blanket to their side, because only together we can solve this problem. Political parties must come to consensus as hard as it may be — on international issues. We need to close ranks in the fight against the virus. International front against coronavirus allow to save funds and to save people — said sun Tao.

In conclusion, the representative of the CPC urged the international community to rally around the UN based on international law, and to reject racial discrimination and ideological aspects, which have intensified in the framework of the epidemic.

The world health organization (who) announced on 11 March 2020 pandemic outbreak COVID-19, originated in China in late 2019. The first cases were registered in Wuhan city (Hubei province). The population of the metropolis is about 12 million people. According to preliminary data, the source COVID-19 became a fish market.

The number infected with the coronavirus worldwide has surpassed 13 million people. COVID-19 for the time of a pandemic ill 13 006 764 inhabitant of the Earth. These data are on 00:11 GMT 14 July 2020 leads the Johns Hopkins University. According to his information, the victims COVID-19 since the outbreak began 570 776 people. To recover able 7 163 038 people.

The rating is headed by USA, which recorded 3 346 246 people infected with coronavirus have died 135 615 patientin, healed 1 031 939. Followed by Brazil (sick 1 864 681, discharged 1 291 251, passed away 72 833) and India (infected 878 254, 727 fatalities 23 survivors 571 460). In this list, Russia occupies the fourth place.

Earlier wrote that the Chairman of “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev did not deny the possibility of the emergence of new waves of coronavirus infection.