In many restaurants, a high price often indicates the quality of the ingredients used or that the dish is particularly unusual.

However, as some chefs have revealed to the US portal “Thrillist”, the food served is sometimes not worth the extra charge.

According to the chefs, five specific gourmet dishes in particular are not worth the comparatively expensive price. Anyone who now thinks of extravagant gold leaf is wrong. Instead, there are some particularly popular and much-ordered specialties in the list.

Surprisingly, fried calamari rings, popular in the Mediterranean, for example, are among the overpriced dishes that are not worth the money.

Because the rings often consist largely of the breading and comparatively little squid. However, prices are still often calculated as if pure octopus meat were being served.

Another popular gourmet dish that often falls short of the price tag is raw oysters. Because although they are often bought much cheaper and hardly have to be prepared by the chefs, they are often sold at overpriced prices.

According to one of the chefs interviewed, “$36 to $45 a dozen is absolutely outrageous for an ingredient that doesn’t require any culinary skill.”

Expensive wines are often offered with meals, especially in upscale restaurants. However, the prices do not always reflect the quality of the wine. For example, an extremely high price premium is often charged for the second most expensive wine, as this is the most frequently chosen wine by the guests.

Known as “Kobe beef”, Wagyu beef is one of the most popular delicacies for meat lovers. However, the meat can only be called real Kobe beef if it actually comes from the Kobe region in Japan.

However, meat products similar to the original are often sold abroad under the “Kobe” label at inflated prices.

Although truffles and truffle oil are often used as goumet ingredients, you should not order these dishes. Instead of real truffle oil, cheap chemicals are often used that are supposed to smell and taste like the mushrooms and the food is still sold at a comparatively high price.

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