In their podcast “Die Pochers hier!”, Amira and Oliver Pocher don’t mince their words and also like to taunt colleagues from show business. Although they mostly agree, there are sometimes differences of opinion. Just recently, when the name Mats Hummels came up.

Again and again Oliver Pocher and Amira Pocher taunt stars and starlets in their podcast “Die Pochers hier!”. Of course, there are always differences of opinion. This is also the case with professional footballer Mats Hummels and his love carousel.

Oliver Pocher doesn’t mince his words and calls influencer Nikola Gault, with whom Matse was spotted kissing, “such an OnlyFans old woman”. He describes the footballer himself as an “old ste**er”. Amira Pocher has a completely different opinion about the flirt.

The 29-year-old appeases in the podcast: “Well, Olli, that could have happened to you as a single. Or maybe it happened too …” Oliver Pocher’s answer: “But maybe not in Mallorca in such a shop.” But Amira continues to defend the footballer: “Mats can cuddle where he wants.”

But the exchange of blows between the spouses is not over yet: “These are all celebrity women he is messing around with. And I don’t understand the scheme that he can sort out a bit there,” the comedian rants and continues: “You have all the money in the world and all the options. Then why is it such an Instagram old woman again?”

Curriculum vitae are not exchanged in the club, according to Amira on Olis Wuttirade – so Mats Hummels cannot know who the woman actually was. She has already emphasized several times that Amira Pocher is a fan of the Hummels – especially Cathy.

In another episode of the podcast, she said of the gamer’s wife, who seems to take her husband’s public flirting offensive calmly: “Cathy, as you know her, reacted great. I think she has a great sense of humor. She can take so much, it’s amazing,” says the mother of two.

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