The Coronavirus is from the Beautiful and not enough grip. The die Geissens remember in your holiday home in the South of France, St. Tropez. There, where normally the High Society sipping on the deck chairs, champagne, one is landed on the floor of the facts. “Nothing here is as it was. Also, we need to now stand at the supermarket in line and keep your distance, hairdressers, Restaurants and other businesses to have,” says Carmen Geiss (54) in an Interview with LOOK.

the German TV returned-Some only a few weeks ago to Europe at all. In Miami, new episodes of the coming autumn were filmed season of “The Geissens – a terribly glamorous family”. “New York and Milan, we flew back to Monaco. Both of our daughters had to say because of the landing in Milan on the advice of the school directly in Isolation”, Robert Geiss (56). First, they were driven, therefore, to her house in the hills of Valberg, in the meantime, you are in a cottage in St. Tropez, not far from your own hotel. Symptoms none of the family of four has developed, the two daughters Shania Tyra (15) and Davina Shakira (16) be informed of how their classmates over the Internet.

Enough toilet paper, and the wine cellar is full

Due to the legal provisions in France, the Geissens have to cut back. Single trips outside are limited to one hour, auto car, you may travel together. “Because Robert had a tear in her Calf, we can go shopping together. Nevertheless, we have to clean it separately in the Store.”

the Geissens have already. With the edibles and Use in your Hotel, although is currently empty, has the family of four a considerable stockpile. “With the toilet paper we could make, perhaps, two years, even the wine cellar is full,” says Robert. “Champagne shortage is not an issue for us,” adds Carmen, laughing. Also the existence of fears plaguing the two. Robert: “as Long as the people can save through the curfew of money to spend after loosening it again, should be limited in the damage in the economy.”

No time for relaxation

feet high, the two camps in these times. The employees of the Geissens are still there, nevertheless, the two also create a Hand. “Now I’m the cleaning lady! Although not many, I can be quite good,” says Carmen Geiss. Her husband Robert added: “And if you don’t have to do this forever, makes it also Fun.” The spring cleaning that lasts else for a week, now holding four weeks.

A Problem of blonde: Normally she goes at least twice a week to the hairdresser. “This is a Hobby of mine. At the hairdressers, I can relax, also I support with my many Visits to this profession.” Now Carmen must lend a Hand. “And I can well. It takes a little longer, but I can do it. Even Gel nails yourself is no Problem to do that.”

hope and warm temperatures

A light view of the Geissens have in this turbulent time. “The weather will be in the next time better”, says Robert. “Maybe the curve flattens due to higher temperatures. What is sure is that We will spend much more time in our garden and by the Pool.” (imh)

The Geissens night tonight, “Corona-time – How RTLZWEI-Stars now 20.15 at life pandemic” (RTL Two) a glimpse into your life during the Corona.