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At the virtual Desk

– English Teacher sent the presentation – bright and interesting. But we spent 40 minutes to learn it, and then another to do the job. And so for each subject, and students in two – mother says Natalia Guseva from Moscow. – But my husband and I also now work on remote.

the Amount of virtual lessons has shocked many parents. “There’s written work, and presentations, and topics. For physical culture it is necessary to remove the charge and make videos,” says the resident of Ekaterinburg Elena.

still a sore subject: the diary of the education system and services can not withstand the load, slow down and crash. Pros working around the clock in an attempt to increase power, install new servers… But none to such an influx of students was not ready.

– hangs not only us. Job eventually thrown to the chat messenger. There agreed that we should pass them in PM to the teacher, – tells mother of Nizhny Novgorod.

Интернета.net Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG Moscow teachers and students launched a flashmob in support of each other

In the Sverdlovsk region is one of the leading in the Ural operators promised to deliver to the remote 400 modems with unlimited Internet for teachers and 11 thousand SIM cards for students. In the villages of the Western Krasnoufimskiy district is already active is IT re. Installed routers to amplify and stability of cellular signals. And the terrain is hilly, forest – needed additional equipment.

In Dagestan, 80 percent of schools – rural, and constraints are also known: there is no Internet, not enough computers, not available to all SMAit shows the and other gadgets. As local authorities do? Different. For example, in some schools delivered the educational material on the stick, bypassing the Internet.

How are the lessons of physical education? The students propose to remove the exercises on video and send acetelyene know-how

In Yakutia to 12 thousand children in 164 schools, where it is impossible to go to distant, the lessons are still in classes.

– we are Talking mostly about small Arctic villages with satellite connection, – said the head of the Ministry of innovation, digital development and information and communication technologies Yakutia Anatoly Semenov.

Schools in such villages are mostly small: in many classrooms is not reached and ten pupils.

Photo: iStock How students cheat on online learning

132 thousand children in the Republic are translated into remote training. Moreover, for example, at school N 33 of Yakutsk in the schedule left and the lessons of physical education, and technology, and even extracurricular activities. Here invented the “worksheet” – a kind of model lesson plan, which is designed not only for teachers but for students. It allows the teacher to teach online like it happens in the classroom. To suggest, to comment, “to call to the Board”. This know-how was used by many other schools in the city.

– the First distance learning lesson with high school students I have devoted volleyball – history, rules, game details. A colleague of mine spent in Junior classes regular classes using platform Zoom – showing exercises, the kids repeated everything in the gym, – says physical education teacher 33 school Hope Islamov.

by the Way, in Yakutia began to broadcast classes and on local television. And children from low-income families of Yakutsk management education purchased more than five hundred tablets. To each – unlimited SIM card before may 1.

How you doing, Big Quiet?

In the Altai region, students began to learn only yesterday. On the distant passed and the children from the village of Bolshaya Quiet. The where Sep is not running in grade school because no teacher. Recall: “the Russian newspaper” announced a campaign to search for a teacher in a local school.

Photo: Kirill Kallinikov/RIA Novosti what was the impact of quarantine on the children in the family of

To quarantine the kids were taken to the neighboring village of carp, where they studied and a week who lived in the orphanage, who have relatives. But how little techincal go to udalenku when the village has no Internet, no mobile connection?

Once a week in the village will come a teacher from Karpovskiy school and given the job on a week – said acting Chairman of the Committee on education Soloneshensky district Olga Golovina. – Then will pick up notebooks to check and advise on passed own topics.

the Way

80% of teachers faced problems of distance learning. Among them was the lack of children on computers and mobile devices, technical problems in schools and lack of experience on the Internet.

these results came experts BIP and educational center MAXIMUM, interviewing nearly thirty thousand teachers across the country. Respondents were also asked to assess the readiness of schools, teachers and students for distance learning. Schools and teachers received an average of 2.78 out of five points, students of 2.46 out of five points.

Photo: Valery Matytsin/TASS Online training is not inferior in effectiveness to face-to-face class.

According to another study, 78 percent of teachers believe that working with the transition to distance education became more. Half of the respondents working day increased on average 1-3 hours, 36 percent – more than 3 hours.

Such data received analysts according to the survey, which was attended by 3.5 thousand teachers from all over Russia. In 31 percent of the teachers more time was spent preparing for lessons, while 27 percent reported an increase in workload in terms of working with parents. Have a 15 percent increased the hours spent on working with documents.

Prepared Ksenia Kolesnikova