Can help and more a new way of protection from COVID 19

The Russians are gaining popularity a new way to protect against coronavirus — plastic screens for the face. Their effectiveness is assessed in an interview with radio Sputnik, doctor of medical Sciences, the immunologist-allergist and co-host of the program "Live Good" Andrew Prodeusa.

Screens for the face resemble a mask of the welder or part of helmet riot policemen. Unexpected popularity among Russians they gained due to difficulties with the acquisition of medical masks. Sellers of protective shields argue that these means of personal protection can prevent viruses. How true, said the doctor of medical Sciences Andrei Prodeusa.

"This screen can help. If you face is hidden by a screen, the likelihood that you’ll climb to the eyes, nose, dirty hands, is reduced. If you touch your face with your hands, the moment of contamination is possible. The mucous membrane of the eyes are the gateway to viruses, and coronavirus, too," said the doctor.

However, we should not accept the screen for the face, as one hundred percent secure. Andrew Prodeusa in an interview with radio Sputnik drew attention to the fact that such a tool tight against the face and then misses a virus, transmitted by airborne droplets.

If you want maximum protection, you should pay attention to the outfit of doctors, virologists, he added.

"If you have seen the doctors who work with sick people, they have not only respirators, but also special masks or goggles. If you protect your mucous membranes, including mucous membranes of the eyes, then you’ll have less chance of getting a virus", — said Andrey Prodeusa.

The most effective way not to be infected with coronavirus remains the same is self — isolation at home. If you don’t go out and don’t connect with people, then the chances are much smaller.