Why do you always have to buy everything new? There are often great things for little money on auction platforms such as eBay or eBay classifieds. This not only protects your budget, but is also sustainable and environmentally friendly – after all, less is thrown away.

A practical alternative to the well-known platforms is the judicial auction on the Internet (via CHIP). Here you will also find everything from jewelry, clothing and furniture to bitcoins, cars and motorbikes.

We’ll show you how to make the most of the auction site to snag secret bargains on a regular basis.

Registration required

First, you need to register with the site for free. Enter your name, address and telephone number so that you can register as a buyer – within a few minutes you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link that you can click on. Now the account is verified.

Now you can bid at the auctions. The best thing to do is to click on the “All categories” menu item to quickly find the auctions you are looking for. Alternatively, try the search function in the upper area – the advanced settings can also be used to filter by zip code, user name or auction ID.

You should avoid the “popular auctions” category – at least if you want to buy cheap. There have always been numerous bidders in this category who compete with each other. Most of the time it is about used cars or even bitcoins.

Tips for bidding

If you don’t want to wait several days, then select the “Soon ending” category at Justice Auctions, where there are often only a few hours or minutes until the highest bidder is knocked down.

Under “Newly listed” you will find current auctions that run for up to 14 days. There are often objects here that have no bids yet. There, too, you have the chance to be the first and only bidder to find real bargains.

Before you bid, always check what the next minimum bid is. It is advisable to carry out a short market research in advance:

In the case of bulky items, you should also consider the location of the auction, since shipping is sometimes not possible here – after all, you don’t want to move 80 euros of petrol to pick up a 10-euro shelf.