(Siem Reap) Living in a jet when you’re born in one of Asia’s poorest countries: An aviation-savvy Cambodian fulfilled his dream, building his own plane-shaped house with his arms private, which attracts visitors.

Chrach Peou’s house, suspended six meters above the ground by stilts that look like landing gear, is located in the middle of the rice fields, not far from Siem Reap (West), a tourist town close to the famous temples of Angkor.

The 43-year-old construction worker took almost a year to build his original residence – two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a false cockpit and two small wings – where his three children live with him.

Its cost: more than 18,500 euros, the equivalent of thirty years of savings.

“It’s been my dream since I was little. It’s mine, I’m so happy,” Peou smiled.

He was inspired by private jets of millionaires that he saw on YouTube to draw the plans.

Some villagers were skeptical of his “crazy idea”, he recalls.

“If my wife was still with us, of course she would have been against it,” admitted the man who lost his partner ten years ago.

Today, Peou is trying to develop a flower garden around her house, which has become an unexpected tourist site in the area.

He charges a dollar for curious foreigners, and half for locals.

“It’s beautiful, attractive, there are palm trees all around,” said Kim Muoy, 28, who came to visit the curious concrete bird with her family.

Peou dreams of being able to fly away for real, one day.

“When I have the money and know where to go, I will fly there,” he says.