The fast start feature was the cause of the problematic Windows updates. About it reports the edition Windows Latest with reference to the Microsoft.

The company recognized that in many cases updates to the OS are installed incorrectly due to errors in the system. It is a quick start-up (Fast Startup), which is activated by default in most operating systems. Named function interferes with the installation of new Windows components.

According to Microsoft, thanks to a quick start when the computer shuts down the OS remembers settings of the system and unloads them into memory at the next power-up that allows you to quickly load Windows. However, updates are usually installed when you restart the computer may be set incorrectly due to the fact that the OS starts to process information. The journalists stressed that the two system process interfere with each other, which often leads to breakdowns of the system.

In a statement, the company stressed that in the near future intends to correct the error updates. Up to this point, Microsoft engineers have advised to temporarily disable the quick start function via the “power Options” control panel.

In recent months, Windows users repeatedly complained of occurred as a result of updates to the system failures. In late may system update led to reset the Windows fonts and a sudden shutdown, in April, the owners of copies of the OS spoke about the deletion of personal data. Earlier Microsoft has released an update that should fix a few bugs in the system, however the update has led to a drop in the performance of computers.