Calculation of norms of utilities may change

Standards for which a fee is charged in the absence of meters, are now allowed to define one of two ways – by way of analog or calculated method. The first takes into account the actual consumption of services equipped with metering devices of similar houses with similar constructive and technical parametres, degree of an accomplishment and in the same climate. This method, according to developers of amendments, the “most transparent,” can significantly inflate the amount of consumption. Despite the fact that the rules of determining the ratios set priority of the method of analogues is often used computational method. Residents through the courts seeking the withdrawal of standards, designed in such a way, but they have to pay the inflated fee the whole period of the trials. In this regard, it is proposed to install in the LCD that the standards should only be calculated by the method of analogues. And to determine the standards for the calculation method will be allowed only if similar houses does not exist in principle.

Photo: RIA Novosti Cabinet update utilities in small towns

If you care about equity the amount of payment for utilities, it should not be allowed to do who do not have meters and were calculated according to the standards, the Director of a direction “municipal economy” Foundation “Institute for urban Economics” Irina Gentsler. The reluctance to install meters often due to the fact that actual consumption in the apartment is significantly above its normative (for example, if more people live than recorded). Consumption in excess of in the end pay the neighbors through the “block of flats”. According to the expert, the optimum would be to abandon standards and go to the payment obsidimanth meters.

And how exactly to consider the data room counters, could, for example, to solve the General house meeting. A similar scheme is used in other countries.