The new product “The Headphones” from is now on the market after a year of intensive development work. But how did “The Headphones” come about and what role did the “CHIP Test Center” play in it?

40 hours – that’s how long it takes to test a standard headphone in the “CHIP Test Center”. In these 40 hours, all the important components that make up a headphone are tested intensively: the sound is of course the most important factor in judging a headphone. Noise suppression and mobility are also viewed critically. Last but not least, the wearing comfort and the equipment of the headphones also play a role in being able to evaluate them comprehensively. At the end, a headphone gets a note. The situation is different with the “headphones”, because the “CHIP Test Center” took a very critical look at this for other reasons.

The “CHIP Test Center” consists of graduate engineers and IT specialists. The expertise of the test center has existed for 45 years. Up to 1000 product tests are carried out every year to provide consumers with independent information. One aspect is central here:

Wolfgang Pauler, Head of CHIP Test Center:

“It is particularly important to us that we test in a way that is relevant to the users and that we also test completely independently, which means that no manufacturer can influence the result.”

Products that are already commercially available are subjected to extensive tests. In the case of the “headphones”, expert knowledge was tapped elsewhere. sent the “headphones” as a prototype to the extensive test rounds of the “CHIP Test Center”:

Wolfgang Pauler, Head of CHIP Test Center:

“Here we were able to intervene practically in the optimization process and were able to say where we felt there were weaknesses, which were then eliminated in order to finally be able to bring a device onto the market that, above all, offers very, very good value for money convinced.”

With the all-time best price of 69 euros, “The Headphones” are now available exclusively from

The product test presented the “headphones” with the same challenge as any other product. All test sequences were run through with a critical eye. There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, different products can only be compared through identical test scenarios. Headphones must also be objectively assessed in order to assess their quality. In addition, the independence of the “CHIP Test Center” also played a major role:

Wolfgang Pauler, Head of CHIP Test Center:

“Since independence is so important to us, we don’t include The Headphones in our normal headphone leaderboards – simply to avoid people thinking that we rate them more favorably than other products because we helped develop them .”

“The headphones” have to complete five evaluation categories – just like any other headphones. The sound quality is of course the most important factor, as it is the main function of a headphone. Here we test how good “The Headphones” sound. On the one hand, many years of experience with a wide variety of headphones are used here, and on the other hand, the sound quality is tested with a reference system that is always state-of-the-art. The test scenarios are carried out with both switched on and switched off ANC. In addition, the most diverse musical styles “from heavy metal to classical music” as well as spoken texts such as podcasts are taken into account.

You can now convince yourself of the sound at

ANC is the abbreviation for Active Noise Cancellation and means noise suppression. The “CHIP Test Center” tests the ability to suppress background noise by simulating aircraft cabin noise. How well headphones sound with this background noise and how high the sound quality is despite background noise is tested intensively here.

In addition to sound and ANC, comfort is also an important criterion. Is the processing of a headphone good? How does it sit on the head and can it be adjusted individually? A quality feature is that the ears do not hurt or get hot when worn for a long time. The handling of the controls is also judged critically.

A Bluetooth headset is also characterized by its mobility. How long do the batteries last and how long does it take to charge? How much listening pleasure do you have again after half an hour of charging? The “CHIP Test Center” gets to the bottom of these questions with the ANC switched on and off. The Bluetooth range is also relevant: Can the room in which the connected device is located simply be left and is the connection stable?

The equipment is the fifth criterion that the CHIP experts examine for headphones. Here not only the scope of delivery and a transport case are considered – and whether a headphone can be folded up. The equipment also includes multipoint capability: Can headphones be connected to several sources in parallel and is the active source then always reliably sent to the headphones? And can the headphones be used with a jack cable despite an empty battery?

You can find out more about the “CHIP Test Center” in the video:

The aim was to bring headphones with a very good price-performance ratio onto the market. “The headphone” was critically, objectively and comprehensively tested by the CHIP experts. During a final test run shortly before series production, slight sound deficits occurred. Hardly perceptible in everyday use, these deficits were reason enough for criticism for the “CHIP Test Center”. The components were revised – the optimized version then went through another test cycle to ensure that the sound deficits no longer occurred. Now, after more than a year of development work, “The Headphones” are available exclusively from for 69 euros.

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