Box set

ten discs contain recordings of the seven symphonies, three instrumental concertos and the Concert fantasy for piano and orchestra, the Violin Concerto and the “Variations on a Rococo theme” for cello and orchestra. The sound became a two-time nominee of Grammy, honored artist of Russia Pavel Lavrinenko. 1 may CDs, aired on the Sony Classical label, will be available for streaming on all digital platforms of Russia and the world.

box set tchaikovsky 2020 brought together recordings of the symphonies and concertos of the composer 1 “Above the sky” – a drama of family relationships, a fractured

the State Symphony orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan played Tchaikovsky’s dozens of times at the most prestigious venues of Russia and the world. This tremendous artistic experience and involvement in the work of Tchaikovsky helped to record almost 70 hours of music in record time – only two July weeks it took musicians to make this valuable gift to yourself and to all lovers of classical music to birthday of the composer.

“It is a great happiness – to touch so close and immerse yourself so deeply in this space, which is the name of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – Alexander Sladkovsky. For me Tchaikovsky is a Russian Beethoven symphonist our number one composer with incredible energy. No wonder he is one of the most performed authors in the world, it helps people to live.”

the soloists were outstanding musicians of different generations, participants and winners of the International Tchaikovsky competition. Very bright began his career in art young Alexander Malofeyev, leading young musicians, Boris Andrianov, Miroslav Kultyshev and Pavel Milyukov, already a recognized master, live performer and hereditary teacher Maxim Mogilevsky and, of course, world star Boris Berezovsky. All of them together with the State Symphony orchestra of Tatarstan under UEthe Board of Maestro Alexander Sladkovsky opened his Tchaikovsky.

Photo: Alexander Robak and Anna Mikhalkova work “on remote”

According to Alexander Sladkovsky, it is pointless to try to describe the interpretation of music to listen. “The degree of my perception of Tchaikovsky’s music are too high, the exalted. This is dictated by the power and light that I heard in the performed music, not darkness and gloom attributed to, at times, the composer’s music. Despite the tragedy that is the legacy of Symphony of Tchaikovsky, in our interpretations is power, light and love,” explains the conductor.